US Department of State

Department of State describes phased process for resuming visa appointments and services

US Embassy in Nairobi

The US Department of State published an update on December 30, 2020, describing the phased resumption of visa services abroad. The posting is available at the DOS website.

DOS will resume services on a post-by-post basis, with different consulates and embassies opening at different times. The time for reopening will depend on local conditions and other factors. DOS will publish information about reopening on the websites for the various consulates and embassies.

The notice explains that consular services restarting does not change the existing travel bans. During the Trump Administration, the President has issued numerous proclamations suspending entry for different groups of people. While some of the proclamations are set to expire, they could be extended, and others do not have expiration dates.

DOS will continue to extend the validity of fees paid for visas through September 30, 2022.