LRIF Liberian Refugee Immigrant Fairness

USCIS publishes notice on the reinstatement of DED for Liberians


US Citizenship and Immigration Services has posted a notice for publication in the Federal Register on February 16, 2021, regarding the reinstatement of Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Liberians. According to that notice:

Eligible Liberian nationals (and persons without nationality who last habitually resided in Liberia) covered under DED as of January 10, 2021 may remain in the United States through June 30, 2022. This notice extends through June 30, 2022 employment authorization for Liberians covered under DED and also automatically extends DED-related Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) for those who already have an EAD with a printed expiration date of March 30, 2020 or January 10, 2021.

This extension is intended to help bridge the gap for Liberians who are applying for residency through the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness program. Many Liberians and family of Liberians are still eligible to apply for residency and green cards through that special legislation.